To Enter Your Swimmer in a Meet

At the start of the swim race

Swim Meet Info

Please register them via the registration link at the very top of this page.  

  • ALL swimmers will automatically be entered into scheduled meets
  • To decline your swimmer's attendance at a meet or declare only one day of a meet,
    1. click on the event name and select the "Edit Commitment" button at the top of the page.  
    2. Select your swimmer's name, and then select "Yes, I will attend" or "No, I will not attend".
    3. Or, enter any notes pertaining to which days your child will attend the meet if not swimming on all days. 
  • You can see your swimmer's entries by logging in and clicking on the "Edit Commitment" button and the events will be listed next to your swimmer's name.


PLEASE REMEMBER - If your child is entered in a meet, chances are that you will be required to time.  Please check the meet's description page under the "Swim Meets" tab on the bottom of the home page to see if you are scheduled to time (click on the name of the meet to see the description page).  If you are unable to time during your timeframe, please find an alternate to take your spot.  Timing is required of all families who attend meets and is not considered part of your volunteer hours. The Secretary will assign all timing and will make every effort to post the timing assignments 2-3 days prior to the meet.

To learn more about the actual meet entry process, please click on "Entry Procedure" under the "Meets & Events" tab.

 **Always CLICK HERE to check the Gulf Swimming website for the most up-to-date information regarding your meet. For basic information about the meet, click on the Pre-Meet Invitation. For Warm-up assignments and a time-line of the meet, click on those items under the "Meet" Heading.**