National Swim Team

National - For swimmers who are striving to make USA Swimming/Energy Core Swimming their primary sport. A good understanding of the commitment the sport requires and the progression of the swim season.

• Sectional to National Cuts

• Ages 13 & up

• Required to maintain 95% or better overall attendance

• Saturday mornings are required.

• Goal setting is required

• Able to make freestyle sets on 1:10 base, IM sets on 1:20 base, and kick sets on 1:40 base

Required Practice Equipment

• Two Pair of Goggles

• ECS Swim Cap (optional for athletes with short hair)

• Water Bottle • Mesh Equipment Bag

• Pair of Tritan Swim Fins

• TYR Sport Streamline Kickboard

• Junior-sized Pull Buoy

• Pair of Finis Instinct Sculling Paddles

• Snorkel

• Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

Pushing off pool wall

$190 per Month

Check around- our fees are just as competitive as our swimmers!