National Prep

For swimmers who are striving to make USA Swimming/Energy Core Swimming their primary sport. A good understanding of the commitment the sport requires and the progression of the swim season.

  • Required to attend 90% of practices available to them in which Saturday a.m. practices are required.
  • Strongly encouraged to help volunteer with other groups once a month; usually on Saturday.
  • Must be able to complete 10 X 100 FR on the 1:15
  • Must have 3 13/14 “AA” times

Required Practice Equipment
• Two Pair of Goggles
• Swim Cap
• Water Bottle
• Mesh Equipment Bag
• Swim Fins
• Kickboard
• Pull Buoy
• Pair of Finis Instinct Sculling Paddles
• Snorkel

** Injuries and/or health related matters should be monitored & the coaching staff kept informed in writing from medical Dr./or Certified Physical Therapist. At times an athlete may be asked to practice in a different group until recovered. They will be given a time frame of consistent practices until they can move back into the group.

At the start of the swim race

$180 per Month

Check around- our fees are just as competitive as our swimmers!