Frequently Asked Questions about Swimming Competitively

Should my child eat before a swim practice?

We do not recommend feeding your child within one hour of the swimming lesson.  Children under two years of age should avoid food (especially dairy products) two hours ahead of each lesson.

How are ear infections prevented?

There are two types of ear infections: one is caused by middle ear build-up secondary to Eustachian tube congestion and the other is caused by pool or bath water not drying up in the outer ear canal – also called “Swimmers’ Ear”. To prevent the latter, parents can blow dry the ears or use alcohol & boric acid drops available at the school or local pharmacy.  Swimming does not cause the middle ear infections. Children with ventilation tubes in their ears can still swim, but should wear ear plugs, a tight fitting cap, and should not swim deeper than a foot below the surface of the water.  Always consult your physician if your child is experiencing discomfort or pain.

We Help Build Champions!

Check out an inspirational video that celebrates our sport and features some of our athletes. 

USA Swimming

Our athletes join USA Swimming through our club. USA Swimming Members enjoy a multitude of benefits. From our extensive Times database, to top tips and training advice, to the opportunity to enter the nation's most prestigious events, USA Swimming membership is a must for any competitive swimmer or coach. 

USA Gulf Swimming

Energy Core Swimming (formerly What! Swimming) is associated with the Gulf Swimming division of USA Swimming

Club Recognition Program

ECS is a Level 2 recognized club. The objective of the program is to strengthen the club system in USA Swimming by guiding clubs through a development process that ultimately positions the program and its coaches to better serve our athletes.

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