About Energy Core Swimming

A Unified Team of Champions

Energy Core Swimming (ECS) is a year-round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for swimmer/athletes all ages and abilities.  

We are a member of GULF and USA Swimming. Our coaches strive to provide every ECS team member an opportunity to improve their swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to national level competitor.

What We Believe In: Swimming lane

Energy Core Swimming is built upon the belief and idea that swimming can  be fun and competitive at the same time.  Our dedicated staff and board of directors work together to meet one common goal - success in and out of the pool for each swimmer at any level.  The foundation of our team produces confident, self-reliant, and well-rounded student-athletes who are sure to make life-long memories in and out of the pool.

ECS Mission:

Our program is dedicated to providing the environment, resources and encouragement for all of its swimmers to make a commitment to the highest level of personal potential and the pursuit of humble excellence.

ECS Vision:

Our program will provide a model for excellence for committed athletes and to create the best competitive swimming program for every family within the community to excel at all levels of competition.


Our culture is based upon character development, a dedication to strong work-ethic and teamwork in a positive atmosphere with a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement for both the sport and the student-athlete.  We believe that the capacity of the human spirit to grow and to progress is limitless.


Our objective is to create and offer activities which foster unity and stability during our youths critical developmental years. Team functions, travel/swim meets and fundraisers link parents, swimmers, coaches and community in a spirit of acceptance and cooperation. Parents and relatives contribute time and effort to support a motivating and enjoyable atmosphere for a child's growth. Success and winning will be a byproduct of the fun, enthusiasm and hard work of its membership.

Goals Include:

  • To teach character building values.  "Character is doing what's right when nobody's looking." - J.C. Watts
  • Foster and develop each person's individual potential and dreams to the fullest.
  • Continuously strive to improve the quality of teaching, coaching and service.
  • Encourage a lifelong respect for the sport and fitness.
  • Build, enhance and maintain facilities for the primary use of the team.
  • Develop athletes to one day have the privilege of representing their country in international competition.
  • Provide our young student-athletes the avenue through swimming to either swim the college of their choice or help secure aid for it.
  • Provide yearly goals along with long-term goals.


ECS Philosophy:

Our sport of swimming is very black and white and can be very unforgiving at times when we don't drop time; yet many times you/we can see progress in technique, race strategy or in the daily preparation, where we have many more opportunities to succeed.  By using I.M. based training we give our swimmers time to grow into events that may be best in the long-term and still make progress into untapped areas.

Energy Core swimmers

Energy Core swimmers on side of pool

While "winning" can be important, the striving, planning, and learning that leads to the overall competitive experience is of greater importance - "The Journey".  Championships, trophies, medals and records do not begin to compare with the valuable lessons and personal growth that can take place as a result of participation by both swimmers and parents.  These lessons can be applied to situations that occur later in life.

The hardest worker does not always win the race just as the hardest worker does not always earn the most money or success.  When one is committed to individual excellence for the good of a team, the result is virtually unstoppable.  This "teamwork" is important when they become involved in the business world.

Youngsters are encouraged to learn at their own rate through several different training groups based on age and ability.  Younger swimmers are taught basics through "low key" instructional methods including games.  Swimmers are encouraged to learn because they choose to do what is in their best interest, not to avoid punishment for "breaking rules."

Throughout the program, the swimmers are taught with varying emphasis the importance of striving to be the best they can be.  Along the way, we strive to instill a positive self-image and teach goal setting skills, basic time management skills, determination, commitment, dedication and "team support" in each athlete.  We like our young athletes to learn and mature at their own rate in a positive environment.  The long term interest of the athlete is kept in mind at all times.

As a nonprofit organization, financial information that is subject to public inspection is available upon written request.


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